The winds of time

Monday, November 13th, 2023 – Happy Birthday, Charles Zuber!

Charles Zuber is preparing to celebrate a significant milestone: its first anniversary since the brand’s international launch. To celebrate the occasion, Charles Zuber will be exhibiting at Dubai Watch Week 2023 in the main exhibition area of The Gate Village from November 16th to 20th, 2023.

Dubai, the city rising from the midst of the desert, offers the perfect backdrop for unveiling Charles Zuber’s latest creation: the PERFOS ‘Föhn’ 39mm, a watch in desert hues as a luxurious caress on the wrist. A testament to the brand’s Swiss heritage, this new limited edition timepiece of 50 pieces encapsulates elegance and innovation, paying tribute to the famous Swiss wind, the ‘Föhn’ (pronounced like the word ‘fern’ but without the ‘r’), known for its strength and passion, but also for its warmth. The PERFOS ‘Föhn’ 39mm expresses the brand’s hallmark commitment to style, as an invitation to embrace the journey of discovery on the wings of the wind.

Announcing Charles Zuber x Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

There is more news to celebrate: the brand is significantly expanding its international presence. Charles Zuber is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Middle East’s premier watch and jewelry retailer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, at their Dubai Mall premises. This collaboration heralds new prospects for high watchmaking connoisseurs in the region, bringing the exquisite world of Charles Zuber creations to their doorstep.


The Föhn, a wind like a caress, yet a force of nature

Föhn is the name of a warm, dry wind that occurs in the lee of the mountainous regions of Switzerland. Often associated with metamorphosis, it carries unique traits that have made it legendary across the ages, inspiring Charles Zuber for the creation of a new PERFOS 39 mm watch model. It symbolizes transformation, the idea that beauty can emerge from strength, movement and change. Often unpredictable, the Föhn is embodies the force of nature. It forms as a result of moist air from the sea being pushed up the mountainside, where it cools and loses its moisture; it becomes the Föhn when it descends on the opposite side, warm and dry. This downslope wind can have a dramatic impact, by melting snow, raising temperatures and building up powerful gusts. From majestic mountains to sparkling lakes, Charles Zuber pays tribute to the nature of Switzerland, its birthplace.

Watchmaking choreography across a spectrum of natural hues

Sophistication is the hallmark of the PERFOS dial. Its indexes, like piano keys or sunrays, demand extreme precision in the making: each triangular groove is delicately openworked by laser, and each opening coincides perfectly with each of the sixty minute markers. Here, the sand-tone dial, flamboyant yet warm and soft as a sand rose, opens at the center like a sun. It catches the light in a dance of natural tones with the slightest movement of the wrist.

A three-tiered case, with no straight lines. A flat bezel. Created by Eric Giroud, the PERFOS watch expresses understated elegance and beauty – with the illusion of simplicity. The layered design is one of uncompromising precision. The chamfered contour multiplies its facets. The result: rich contrasts between satin and polished surfaces, between the textures of the materials and the softness of their touch.

A shaped movement caliber hugs the rounded corners of the square case. Automatically wound by a bidirectional oscillating weight, this three-hand caliber with 164 components and 33 jewels lends itself to future developments and the addition of complications. Beyond parts decorated and rhodium-plated parts according to the purest practices of a watchmaking tradition, the PERFOS ‘Föhn’ 39mm further captures the imagination with blued screws and details that bring out the sunray graining on the surfaces, even on those that remain hidden from view.

It becomes clear that beneath its apparent simplicity, the watch is in fact highly complex. Complex in design and complex in execution. Nothing is left to chance, and every detail a testament to the finest craftsmanship.