JEWELLERY collection


JEWELLERY collection



Encircled by a protective net with threads so fine that they manage to fade away, offers all the light to precious and semi-precious stones.

Spider claws and magic of materials

Practicing the art of spider-setting, a precious metal claw surrounds the polished surfaces and rich depths of this dome carved in lavender or black jade, in purple or green amethyst, or in turquoise with lagoon reflections.

A collection
full of promise

The Pomander collection comes in an infinite number of variations: rings, necklaces with pendants, scarf necklaces proposed with an unusually two-metre long chain with beads, necklaces, earrings, studs (studs), slave bracelets sprinkled with studs…To this multiplicity of genres of jewellery are added the surfaces and elements of an ogival shape open to numerous customisations.

Rutile-crossed quartz

A rare material in prestige watchmaking, crystal hair that grows at the heart of the crystals themselves, transforming the transparencies of quartz into tiny opacities.

the pomander

Mini pomander


necklace and bracelet